Document Imaging / Document Scanning / Document Storage / ECM Solutions

File Recreation

If you or someone that works in your organization has lost electronic text documents we can recreate them in almost any desired format. Using OCR (optical character recognition) we can recreate electronic documents from paper documents.

Document Destruction

After digitizing your documents or once your documents have pasted their retention period we can destroy them for you. This can be done on a schedule, so that you are only storing what you are required to store.

Forms Processing

Processing information from forms is a major part of any business. After scanning your documents we can collect needed information from your forms. Using custom designed forms processing applications we can efficiently and correctly gather information from your forms. The forms processing process utilizes double blind keying to insure that the information we gather is correct. Double blind keying is when two different data entry operators work on the same documents, the results are then compared to make sure that the information corresponds. Quality Assurance is utilized as well to ensure that the information that we deliver is 99.95% accurate.

Custom Database Programming

When it comes to software and document management, one size does not fit all. We have 10 years of experience with open source software, and would be happy to tailor fit an existing piece of software to your company's needs, or write a custom application or front end to meet your specific needs.