Document Imaging / Document Scanning / Document Storage / ECM Solutions

About DISC

We pick up, scan and store your documents in our subterranean storage facility.

You may search and retrieve your digital documents online, or we can deliver them to you on CD or DVD.

Document & Storage Philosophy

When it comes to document scanning and management, one size does not fit all. If you have worked with scanning and storage shops before, you can probably relate all too well to the rigid environment that they demand your documents conform to. This is where we are very pleased to step off the beaten path. We have 10 years of experience in the open source software field, and are proud to say that we can custom tailor software to fit your company's needs; your documents' needs. We have developed a powerful and flexible backend (DryGarden) to process your work, as well as a frontend that is both elegantly simple to use and supports a robust feature set.

Our Services

DISC is dedicated to providing your company with low cost, efficient electronic records and database management solutions. We offer services ranging from basic document imaging to custom web-based document retrieval systems to paper document storage. Our 32-acre subterranean storage space provides a high level of natural protection and climate control. We strive to deliver the highest quality document imaging solutions and to provide the most secure setting for storage of your vital records.

Document Security

We use isolated maximum security vaults designed for storing computer data on magnetic media. The vaults offer unsurpassed protection with a fire rating that exceeds ANSI, NAFPA and DOD requirements. We employ resident guards and have an electronic security system, with 24 hour central monitoring. We use SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption for electronic document retrieval, the most secure form of encryption available. SSL allows us to safeguard your data from outsiders with malicious intent and our user-level security system assures that members from your organization can only see the documents that they are authorized to see.

Our Process

Our document imaging process includes three phase quality assurance auditing. All images are manually checked for orientation so that 100% of the files we deliver to the customer are oriented correctly. This process of checking for proper orientation allows us to check all the images against our quality guidelines. Every document that is digitized at DISC goes through a digital image enhancement process. After the enhancement processing the images are again checked for optimal quality. Our "dual entry" indexing method minimizes error by verifying results against each other. This allows us to have assurance that the information pulled from the document is correct. Any OCR/ICR or indexing goes through another extensive quality control process to insure the information you receive is correct.